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Antenna Design Engineer

Are you our new Antenna Design Engineer?

Sivers Wireless, a subsidiary to Sivers Semiconductors, develops, manufactures, and sells chips, antenna modules, and subsystems based on advanced technology for 5G millimeter-wave networks. Our cutting-edge technology products enable our customers to offer faster and more reliable connections. We have completed our first generation of mmWave RFICs, supporting frequency bands from 24 GHz to 71 GHz and we are now starting the development of our next generation products. Our product offering, besides the RFICs, is our cutting-edge technology antenna modules with mmWave arrays for beamforming for the WiGig and 5G NR markets.

The opportunity:

Sivers Wireless is looking for an antenna designer to join our RF Design engineering team. You are innovative with a passion for developing antennas and see them work in the anechoic chamber as well as in the field.

Tasks and responsibilities:

• Design mmWave beamforming antennas, with both patch- and 3D-solutions.
• Participate in RFIC package design.
• Do simulations in HFSS and ADS, both in the air interface and on the PCB and in the package.
• Bring your design from specification and schematic, to layout and verification, in close cooperation with our experienced team of mmWave RFIC and RF design engineers.
• Validate the antenna performance, generate and optimize beam steering in our anechoic chambers.
• Support production test of the antenna modules.
• Work with our customers to integrate our antenna modules in their systems.

Required qualifications and experiences:

We are looking for innovative engineers with a genuine interest in antenna design to be applied in our world-class mmWave transceiver antenna modules. Your experience should be relevant, either from industry or from academia. We will also consider you with less experience if you want to participate in our journey.

We value experience in any of the following areas:

• Antenna design, beamforming arrays at mmWave frequencies.
• Antenna measurements of above products.
• HFSS, ADS, and/or CST simulation experience.
• PCB design, mmWave layout
• Cooperation with PCB and antenna HW manufacturers.
• Wireless systems fundamentals, e.g., Wi-Fi, WiGig, 3GPP.
You must have:
• A solid theoretical foundation in antenna design
• MSc in Electrical Engineering or relevant field.

Could you become the innovative engineer who finds the unique solutions in this fast-developing field?
As Sivers develops both the RFICs and the antenna modules, we have a unique position to optimize the total wireless system performance.

We offer:

An exciting and challenging position where you get the chance to work with cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art mmWave instruments. Together with skilled colleagues you will develop world-class antenna modules for wireless communication. We are expanding our design and validation capability to meet the demand of our products in the mmWave area. Our labs are well-equipped with new mmWave capable instruments and a new anechoic chamber.

Working at Sivers Wireless:

We are a Swedish company with a flat organization fully devoted to developing cutting-edge technology products. We offer continuous professional development to our team members working in a diversified and truly international environment. Benefits of working with us in Sivers Wireless includes a strong collective agreement, wellness allowance and a good pension scheme.

For more information please contact: [email protected]