Data Analyst (Overseas)

We are looking for talented and qualified professional to join our expanding team!

The ideal candidate should be familiar with Automation, Telemetry, Machine Learning, AIOPS, UI/UX requirements for Enterprise users; have experience in Elastic Search, Grafana, Kafka or similar open-source tools usage and customization, and possess domain knowledge in managed security services, AAA and DDI compliance and usage requirements in Enterprise IT, large public venues, or communication service providers (MSP/CSP).

Job Description 

Data Analyst will report to the Product Development Manager in ANTlabs digital transformation team. The responsibilities of Data Engineer include:

  • Review and recommend enhancements, technologies, methodologies for ANTlabs SaaS platform
  • Design and develop the data collection, correlation, visualization for ANTlabs services
  • Work with the product manager to design the service UI/UX
  • Identify, evaluate, and design the data models to ensure compliance to various industrial, e.g., ISO 27002, CIS20 and corporate standards
  • Responsible for the product performance, product strategies, product policies, roadmap planning, product offering and pricing structure for ANTlabs SaaS platform


  • As part of the technology team, you need to have experience working with the Product Development Manager to launch new cloud-based services for the Enterprise market
  • As a Data Analyst, you need to have functional expertise to establish data models, create business relevant insights and provide data-driven solutions